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     I found the best way to track my teaching progress is through student evaluations at the end of each quarter at Bellevue College. These evaluations are completed anonymously, and they give me very useful feedback - both for my strengths and weaknesses. Probably the biggest change I've made in my teaching based on student input, is moving away from lectures to a greater emphasis on class projects, discussions, and student-centered activities. The new generation of cell phone, videogaming, and social-network savvy students expect more interaction - and I strive to give it to them. Based on evaluations I've received over the past few years at Bellevue College (see samples below), it appears that I'm having increasing success. - Bruce Wolcott
"The projects were cool because we could teach the class our own areas of interest."
"Doing mini-projects like the A.I chatbot...was a lot of fun, even at its frustrating moments. It gave me a little peak at the stress of game design and A.I., but also showed me their rewards. I also enjoyed all the game demos."
"The projects where I had to find and organize information on my own, like the game analysis, were the most productive for me."
"The lectures given by the teacher, with student additions, worked best. It helped most with keeping up with the standards and being updated on news and info that other students pay attention to."
"A great deal was covered in this class. I feel I have a great base to work from now. I really appreciated the instructor's knowledge and organization."
"It was worth it because I'm a gamer; the gamers enjoy this class."

"I enjoyed the class discussions and presentations quite a bit. They caused me to question the viewpoint I was on and solidified it. The presentations the instructor gave were enjoyable and helped in what we learned."
"...the realization of how all the different technologies are affecting our lives and societies is astounding."
"The delivery of information, not just lecturing. Some lecturing, but every lecture seemed more like a discussion so it held my interest."
"This course was a great blend of lecture, examples, discussion & web info /support. Bruce's willingness to engage in open discussion with respect is particularly appreciated."
"The class discussions and activities got us out of our seats and thinking."

"This was a great class. The hands on aspect was what I learned the most from."
"Good foundational info: in-class exercises VERY helpful. BW took extra efforts to make sure everyone got the info."
"The in-class projects aided my learning the most."
"What worked well for me would probably be the teaching by the teacher. His communication was above standards. The pace of this class went by smoothly."
"What worked really nicely for me is the fact that I could access a lot of the course content online, and assignments online as well."
"Bruce was always very helpful. Anytime anyone would have a question he'd always help out. He also did an excellent job of reviewing."

"The basics of characters and how to make them appealing, also the technical aspects of animation were a big help... I enjoyed this class very much."
""The class was well worth my time. I feel it broadened my understanding of art (animation) history considerably.""
"We saw examples of what Bruce was talking about every day through a desireable medium (films)."
"The online portion of the course was actually the most helpful for conveying information than one of the textbooks."
"Bruce is a great teacher. He kept the class very interesting and exciting"
"Well, it just worked, y'know? Good class, good teacher."
"Personally, the whole course and how its organized worked for me... I think the most positive part was being able to communicate online, everything was there for you."
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